Education Sector Package

Teachers are faced with an increasingly complex environment, teaching students with complex needs and mental health issues are exposing teachers to unprecedented demands. Exposure to occupational violence from students with challenging behaviours can be traumatic. Interacting with parents who are heightened and aggressive can be distressing.  

With no formal structures and safeguards in place to respond to this cumulative risk, teachers’ mental health can go left unchecked. This package combines teacher training and leadership coaching to provide an entire school support structure

Teacher Training
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Teachers will be provided with a suite of training programs to help them manage the work-related risks they are exposed to and identify signs when they are not coping. Teachers will also learn how to support colleagues who may also need support. 

Leadership coaching
Leadership coaching

School leadership will be provided with coaching and ongoing advice to recognise signs of compromised mental health in teachers and know-how and when to intervene to build a safe and supportive infrastructure for their teachers.

The teacher support package is designed to be delivered on an annual basis bronze, silver and gold packages designed to meet different budgetary and time constraints. All services are delivered by mental health professionals. 

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