Early Intervention Program

Workplace mental health is something that is cultivated by an organisation adequately managing psychosocial hazards and cultivating psychological safety. 

This requires an organisation to have a good safety climate and managers who are able to recognise and the early warning signs of compromised mental health in their employees and respond to this early. A key component of early intervention is understanding any aspects of the employees work that may be impacting an employee’s mental health. For example, high job demands or low role clarity.

This development and coaching program will teach managers the key skills required to provide a psychologically safe workplace and will be provided with the resources to facilitate this process. 

Leading for Better Mental Health
Workplace Support Plans
  • Developing support plans
  • Designing reasonable adjustments
  • Prevent injury claims 
  • Explore solutions 
Employee Mental Health
  •  Recognise signs 
  • Intervene early
  • Understand work-related factors 
  • Control risks 
Early Intervention 
  • Manager Coaching 
  • Psychosocial Risk Management
  • Stay at Work Plans 
  • Supporting  Employees 

*This service is not an individual Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our Psychologists can support you to intervene early and prevent mental injury