Psychological health and safety consulting services

Psychosocial Hazards 

Psychosocial hazards show up in the way work is designed or managed and can increase the risk of injury. Exposure to hazards can lead to psychological injury if not controlled. On average, psychological injuries are longer in duration, have extended recovery times, and have higher compensation costs.

These hazards exist in every work environment. In some cases, the hazards may be evident, for example, a police officer exposed to violence or aggression during an arrest. While at other times the hazards are not as apparent, for example, a lawyer becoming traumatised after an in-depth review of disturbing material as part of a child sexual abuse case.  Each example has the potential to cause psychological harm if not recognised and controlled. 

Psychosocial Risk Assessment

Psychosocial Risk Assessment

Our Psychosocial Risk Assessment Tool is a workplace survey designed to ensure the organisation is meeting its duties under Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws by taking proactive measures to identify and control psychological health and safety risks. Controlling risks is also seen to decrease the disruption associated with staff turnover and absenteeism and is seen to also improve broader organisational performance and productivity. 

Our risk assessment will:

  1. Identify which psychosocial hazards are present 
  2. Isolate where the hazards are more prominent
  3. Assess the severity of the hazards 
  4. Provide guidance on controlling control the risks 

Psychgroup consultants are experienced in OHS Psychological Health and Safety professionals and can work with key Board Members, Executives,  Managers, HR, WHS, and HSR personnel to implement a risk assessment and design effective controls. 

Commonly Recognised Psychosocial Hazards

Low Role Clarity
Low Recognition and Reward
Low Job Demands
Poor Support
Poor Organisational Justice
Low Job control
High job demands
Poor Organisational Change Management
Remote and Isolated Work
Work Related Violence and Agression
Exposure to Trauma

Prevention Plans

Prevention plans are used by employers to document risks associated with certain psychosocial hazard (s) identified in a workplace. They support by structuring a plan for how the organisation plans to control the risk (s) associated with the hazards and highlight a plan for consultation, implementation, monitoring and review.

Prevention plans are recommended for certain psychosocial hazards such as:

  • Aggression and Violence
  • Exposure to Trauma
  • Exposure to high job demands (e.g., shift work)
  • Sexual harassment and gendered violence

Psychgroup consultants are experienced Occupational Health & Safety professionals and can work with key Board Members, Executives,  Managers, Human Resources, Work Health and Safety, and Health and Safety Representatives to design and implement standard Prevention Plans.