Manager Coaching & Advice on Psychological Health & Safety in Workplace.

Advisory Service

Psychgroup consultants offer advice to all levels of an organisation on matters related to psychological health and safety. Our consultants have state-based regulatory knowledge of psychosocial hazards and understand how they impact employee mental health. 

We can provide advice and guidance on:

  • Understanding and supporting employee mental illness at work
  • Psychosocial risk management
  • Managing mental illness and performance management
  • Developing prevention plans to manage psychosocial risks
  • Identifying, assessing, and controlling psychosocial risks
  • Applying a system of work to manage psychosocial risks
  • Responding to a critical incident (e.g., workplace suicide, violent or traumatic incident)
  • Designing reasonable adjustments to support employees to stay at work
  • Injury management and RTW advice and guidance

We offer an obligation-free initial consultation to scope your needs and arrange a structured advisory session as required. Our advisory consultation sessions can be scheduled in 30 and 60-minute intervals depending on your needs.

Manager Coaching

Managers are in a unique position within organisations as they are often the first point of call for an employee who is experiencing personal or work-related challenges. At times, managers can feel overwhelmed with this responsibility and may require an impartial professional to talk through their concerns.

Psychgroup coaches have a broad range of industry experience and can provide practical advice or specialised clinical advice on psychological health and safety. 


Do you require support in how to communicate with an employee who you are having challenges communicating with ?

Team Conflict Resolution

Do you need support or advice in managing interpersonal conflict within teams?

Not sure where to start? our advisors and coaches are here to help

Not sure where to start? our advisors and coaches are here to help
Our consulting services are designed to be used as an individual ‘one-off’ service or as an annual package for leadership team, HR, WHS or Injury Management personnel to use as needed.
Annual packages receive a bundled discount. Select one of the three package options below or book an individual consultation